My new memoir, A FIELD GUIDE TO HAPPINESS: What I Learned in Bhutan About Living, Loving and Waking Up, launches October 1 at Parnassus Books in Nashville and I'm super excited. Here it is!

A Field Guide to Happiness revised.jpg

Isn't the cover great? It's by Nita Ybarra at Hay House, and the top half is from a painting by  Phurba Namgay, Bhutanese thangka painter, American rocket aficionado, and my husband.

A FIELD GUIDE TO HAPPINESS  picks up where my first book, MARRIED TO BHUTAN: How One Woman Got Lost, Said 'I Do.' and Found Bliss, left off-- about four years ago when we began splitting our time between Bhutan in the Himalayas, and Nashville, which is so not in the Himalayas. We have perhaps the longest and most difficult commute in the history of the world. It's kind of crazy. But interesting. You'll find out how I am able to stay sane (mostly), what happened to Kinlay, how we laugh in the face of death, how to use a salad spinner instead of a washing machine, how to do a village man makeover, how not to tame a bull, and the many ways I learned to "simulate Bhutan" wherever I go. It's all in the wrist. 

This is a heads up! If you haven't gotten a copy of MARRIED TO BHUTAN 

get it now, because you have the rest of summer to read it and clear your night stand for the next one.

If you're in a book club Parnassus will give you 10% off. If you're not in a book club, you should be.

 Get in one now!


Here's a cool, short video of Bhutan  with so many great images. It's by Bhutan Tourism. But you don't have time to to the Himalayas you can at least see the country.

You know what to do here:


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