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Spring Has Come to Thimphu

It's such a gorgeous, windy day in Thimphu and there is green around the edges of the paddy fields in front of our house. Soon the farmers will plant the rice. The willow trees are the first to turn green and the second week of February is when I start looking for the tiny green specks of leaves on the willow branches. It was the third week of February this year that I saw the first green on the willows. Now we have Wisteria blooming all over Thimphu.


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Sadie May
Sadie May
Apr 26

I am in love. You have inspired me to hopefully one day make the journey myself. It’s such a beautiful world there. You are such a terrific writer and have touched my soul and inspired me in multiple ways. Thank you for putting your life down on paper. Sincerely, Heather

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