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The View From Here

Omicron has found Bhutan and Thimphu town has been sectioned into zones. We can travel and shop only in our zones, either walking or riding bikes. No cars. We'll do this for another week or two until local cases of the virus have burned out. We are used to this. It's the third time Covid has come here and we've been asked to stay put and although it's a hassle for many to curtail their activities and stay home, most are grateful to the government. This very proactive, very forward thinking planning and executing of quarantining, testing and testing again, and vaccinating, has kept us safe during the pandemic. Sadly, four deaths to date but all things considered a very low number. Bhutan is a very small country and so it's possible. And most everyone is on the same page about wearing masks and social distancing because a full on outbreak would very quickly overwhelm the hospitals here and many would get sick and die. We all know this. The government has done an amazing job of educating people and staying ahead of the virus. I feel all this time we've been in a protective bubble created by the grace of His Majesty. I am profoundly grateful.

Today it's snowing like crazy and so we're isolated further in this very isolated country, and the snow creates a profound silence, broken only by the refrigerator's hum. The fridge is full of nice food and so I'll go off and make some lunch.

Many people write asking when Bhutan will open again. Thanks for that. I'm so glad people are curious and still interested in Bhutan, but no one knows when we'll open to visitors. If you read something saying Bhutan will open at a certain time then it's just wishful thinking. Don't put any money on it just yet. Please stay safe and take care.

If you're missing Bhutan, here are a few images to sustain you until you get back.

This as an 800 year-old oak tree in Punakha, a few months ago.

Here are some monks posing for the camera, also in Punakha.

Traveling to Trongsa. This was just after a rain this summer.


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