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We're Okay. How Are You?

In Bhutan, at this writing on June 14, we have 66 cases of COVID-19 and no deaths. All have come from outside the country and we have no community transmission so far. Twenty-one have recovered. Twenty-three are in isolation, and twenty-two are in a de-isolation facility. De-isolation is a two-week long period where a confirmed positive case is kept under further observation after they test negative twice (24 hours apart), while they are in isolation. Bhutan's aggressive policy to contain the virus has worked so far, and we pray we can stay safe. It's really remarkable that a small, land-locked country like Bhutan, without enormous financial resources is able to do this. It is something of a miracle.

We look warily to the south where COVID-19 rages in India. We are so tied to India, but now Bhutanese are looking to be more self-sufficient and we are boosting our agricultural sector. It has to happen.

The Bhutanese government has done an amazing job. And His Majesty the King and many other members of the Bhutanese Royal Family have worked selflessly and silently to keep us safe.

Their Majesties, according to former prime minister, Tshering Tobgay, "are the Life Force of our country ... the source of our happiness and the reason why we are safe in these uncertain times."

Their Majesties with the Gyalsey (Crowned Prince) and the new Prince.


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