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Rain is My Favorite Season

Historically, I've not been that interested in rain. It makes cancelled picnics, gloomy clouds, and most importantly, it makes my hair frizz. I live in a place where summer monsoons happen from around the end of June to mid September. The days start out clear and sunny, but the heat builds as do the cumulonimbus clouds, and by late afternoon they dump what moisture they've been collecting onto the countryside. The rain makes impromptu gullies, wild muddy rivers, and rains turns the fields and trees a rich emerald green. By end of summer everything is fertile and bursting with fruit.

Living seasonally in Bhutan is addictive. Our minds and bodies naturally crave living close to the earth and although it creates hardships, I love the summer monsoons here and look forward to them. They are part of the pattern of life. Let the showers begin.


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