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Our house sits above Thimphu facing northeast overlooking the town. We built it so that every room has a view of the valley and surrounding mountains. Quite an astonishing view, actually. It seems like it changes by the hour as the sun moves across the sky and clouds drift over the valley.

Every morning when I wake up I look out to see what the mountains are doing. Depending of the seasons, sometimes they're dusted with snow, obscured by clouds, or standing tall in the sunlight covering each other in shadows .They change moment to moment depending on the weather. Yet they remain solid, unmoving, powerful, stalwart, enduring, and so beautiful. Not commodified. Not for sale. Unscalable. Deeply grounding. A source of meaning in my life. I am who I am because of these mountains.

The way we're surrounded by mountains here is such a soothing thing. To have these large land masses all around us us makes me feel protected. They're like the backs of dragons that have curled up to sleep.

Today low winter clouds the color of steel are making a canape over the valley. Snow is in the forecast. Stay tuned.


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