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Life Goes On

In Thimphu life is almost normal in as much as any place can be normal in the pandemic. There is no community spread of the virus at this writing. It's amazing. Almost a miracle. Over six months in to the global pandemic, His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wanchuck, the Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering, the Health Minister Hon. Dechen Wangmo and the Foreign Minister Hon. Tandi Dorji have led us, and protected us. They've taught us to wash our hands, wear masks, keep social distance, don't gather in large groups, and do all of this for the benefit of ourselves and everyone in Bhutan. We haven't been perfect, but Bhutan just now is a pretty cohesive society. Wearing a mask when we go out is second nature.

Norzin Lam this week in Thimphu.

Their Majesties the Fourth and Fifth Kings along with the Prime Minister have been visiting places in the south on the border with India as these are places where there have been COVID outbreaks. They are worried about their people and the virus' emotional and economic impact.

We're so lucky that we don't have to be hyper vigilant in Thimphu. But there are issues. My biggest problem is getting vegetables. We usually get vegetables at the weekend market. Before the pandemic, the Centenary Market down by the river had vegetables, fruit, eggs, grains and meat from all over the region, including India. But now it's closed as the government is worried to have so many of us congregate in a large place. So vendors have set up shop on the sidewalks, in alleyways, wherever they can find a spot. And so yesterday I went looking. I found a man from Tsirang, a farming region in the south, who had come to Thimphu, selling vegetables and eggs out of the back of his truck. I got cabbage, broccoli, eggs, and lemons. It was a good day.

Hong Kong Market in Thimphu


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Jan 11, 2021

Hi Martha, So glad you liked the book. Was it MARRIED TO BHUTAN or A FIELD GUIDE TO HAPPINESS? I know it's possible to "miss" a place you've never been. I hope you get here before too long. Just now we're in lockdown in Thimphu and will be for at least another two weeks. We started December 20th. But we have everything we need. This government, lead by His Majesty, is very proactive and so we feel peaceful and secure, if a little antsy to move around a bit and meet friends and hike around in the mountains.

Of course the whole world is coping with this pandemic and it seems so far Bhutan has been extremely lucky having only…


Jan 06, 2021

Dear Linda,

Bhutan has been the country I've wanted to visit the most since I first heard about it years ago.

My daughter gave me your book for my birthday a couple of years ago .

Reading about your exeriences in this unique country and personal spiritual discoveries sure made the longing stronger wanting to go there for myself .

I wonder how it is possible to miss a place so badly where you haven't even been yet ! It certainly gave me a strong personal 'promise ', yet to discouver.

I wonder how the corona situation is for you at the moment, I hope all is still well and peacefull .

I wonder how it has effected the way…


Oct 22, 2020

Thanks. I am from NYC and found many analogies, comparisons and stories hit Close to home. I have read both of your books now and re-read some Chapters to calm my mind in the current world (between election and covid) I had been traveling a bit to Nepal and India but never got the chance to visit Bhutan. Your writing definitely motivated me to visit and perhaps find ways to stay there for a extended time, to learn more of Bhutan’s life philosophy.


Oct 22, 2020

Hi Amelieux so glad you like the book and blog. I have no resources for working in Bhutan. What do you do? What skills, I mean? Of course now there is no one coming to Bhutan. Let’s pray the pandemic is over before too long. Grateful to you for writing.


Oct 21, 2020

Love your book and it brings certain meditating quality to my life. I come cross your blog and enjoy it very much as well. Wonder if you have resources where I can go work/live/volunteer at Bhutan?

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