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Bhutan's Magic

I'm so grateful to live in this tiny, peaceful place. It's such a refuge from the chaos of the world. I pray every day it will remain so, and I wish the people I love who are tired and struggling could get some relief and come here.

Bhutan's magic includes the ability to get things in perspective. Living here is grounding. Even winter we're very much tied to the land, which is both harsh and beautiful. I love to walk up and down mountains. It takes stamina, focus, sure-footedness, and commitment. It's toning for your body and your mind. I look at the image, below and think how gorgeous these mountains are, and the little farming valleys that thrive in pockets all over the country. I feel tremendous respect for mountains and a little fear. There's no controlling the Himalayas. In Bhutan there's unpredictability. Even though it's a very peaceful place we're still at the mercy of the elements. Walking in the mountains in Bhutan teaches you to focus, breathe, and be ready for whatever happens. Keep going no matter what. 

It does not matter if lightning strikes from above, if the earth caves in from below, if the land and the sky crash together like mighty cymbals, if your head is ablaze, if poisonous snakes crawl on your lap, whether you have time or are busy, are hungry or well fed, happy or sad; whatever happens you should not give up.

--Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, high holy man, statesman, magician, warrior, unifier of Bhutan in the 17th century.

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