Living in Bhutan is like getting a PhD in compassion, kindness, tolerance, living simply, accepting yourself no matter what idiocy you get up to, laughing at yourself instead of getting mad at others, drinking tea, thinking about death, learning to flow when your washing machine isn't, and looking for the magic that is everywhere in the world. Bhutan is changing, no doubt. But I've learned that any place I go I can take the lessons of Bhutan. I call it 'simulating Bhutan." A FIELD GUIDE TO HAPPINESS is a humorous look at life in the mountains of Bhutan and describes how anyone can be happier by learning new habits. Some remarkable people have said some nice things about it already:

“Linda Leaming writes with a sweetness and an earned wisdom that goes down as smoothly as a good cup of tea. She is also very funny. If you are alive, or would like to be, read her A Field Guide to Happiness and find joy on every page.”

Eric Weiner, author of The Geography of Bliss

“Linda Leaming offers us a fresh perspective of embracing life’s challenges while pursuing our dreams. Delivered with down-to-earth wisdom and intelligent humor, A Field Guide to Happinesstakes us on a Himalayan journey to Bhutan while never veering far from the heart.”

Matteo Pistono, author of Fearless in Tibet and In the Shadow of the Buddha

“With Bhutan as a backdrop, Linda Leaming’s intimate offering of life lessons in A Field Guide to Happiness encourages deep exploration in our own interior landscapes. This gem of a book is an invitation to know we have all we need to surrender in the arms of joy, and measure our aliveness with heartfelt connection instead of speed and productivity. Read it slowly and savor each morsel.”

Nancy Levin, best-selling author of Jump . . . And Your Life Will Appear



You can find MARRIED TO BHUTAN in the travel lit or memoir sections of bookstores and libraries. It's the story of how I got to Bhutan and how I plunged in to cross-cultural living with a vengeance, which often resulted in making an ass of myself. I'm here to amuse, folks. But the tiny country of Bhutan in the Himalayas  and the people who live there are the real stars of this show. Here's what some really smart, talented and attractive people have said about it:

“As engaging and magical as Bhutan itself, written with heart and insight, Married to Bhutan is a wonderful memoir and a great journey.”

— Susan Orlean, author of The Orchid Thief

“Married to Bhutan is wonderfully wise and endearing, much like the Himalayan kingdom that is its subject. Leaming’s graceful, witty prose captures the magic of Bhutan, a place where happiness is more than just a nice idea. It is a way of life. “

— Eric Weiner, author of The Geography of Bliss

 “After reading this book, I wanted to marry Bhutan—and Linda Leaming. I was inspired by Linda’s open-hearted embrace of such a completely different culture and way of life, take lack of plumbing as just one small example. In the end, her book is about openness and love and how they are expressed in the caring actions of ordinary Bhutanese people. Linda shows us the beauty of Bhutan and expresses a tenderness toward her earthly in-laws that inspires me to open my own heart more and helps me realize that we are all bigger and more capable of love and adventure than we can imagine. “

— Cyndi Lee, Founder, OM yoga

 “Paradise exists and you can find it within the pages of this book, which provides a delightful and charming trek through the happiest, most beautiful, and most serene place on earth, Bhutan. A must-read for all those who know that the best journey¹s take place in multiple dimensions simultaneously.”

Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

Some of he many different languages my that books have been translated to.

Some of he many different languages my that books have been translated to.