A few articles and interviews I've done:


An interview with the Women Writers School

Thank you to ASPIRE Magazine for naming A FIELD GUIDE TO HAPPINESS one of the Top Ten Inspirational Books for June 2015!

 Eric Weiner  author of The Geography of Bliss, writes BHUTAN'S DARK SECRET TO HAPPINESS in BBC Travel  . I'm in it!

MARRIED TO BHUTAN will be published in Taiwan! It's being translated now.

A FIELD GUIDE TO HAPPINESS will be published December 2015 in South Korea! This version will have pictures.


And this:

Even Google Maps takes beautiful pictures of Bhutan

Three Things to Know if You Plan to Write a Memoir

 Five Things to Do Before You Get Happy in Heal Your Life

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The Debt Ceiling, Happiness, and Bhutan in Huffington Post

Blending the Ancient and Modern: The Thangka Art of Phurba Namgay in The Culture Trip

Follow Your Heart: Four Tales of Holiday Romance in The Guardian

Bhutan's Velvet Revolution in Reverse in Mandala Magazine

 Back to Basics in the Times of India

And some about my books:

Charlotte Observer Escaping the Hamster Wheel

Chapter Sixteen  Walking the Good Path

A Field Guide To Happiness - Sarah Joy

Nashville Arts Magazine 

Consciously Frugal

Susan Heim



Interview in Speaking of China